Swift8 is a CHIP-8 emulator for macOS.

What is CHIP-8? As ever, Wikipedia has a good overview.

Swift8 features a graphical debugger for CHIP-8 programs, allowing pausing of execution and the setting of breakpoints.

Swift8 also features Touch Bar integration on compatible Mac models.

You can read about the process of implementing Swift8 here.

Technical Details

Swift8 is implemented in Swift 4 with no external libraries.

Swift8 implements the standard CHIP-8 instruction set, as documented by Thomas P. Greene. Super Chip-48 instructions are not supported.

CHIP-8 does not have a standard execution speed, so Swift8 runs as fast as it will go. In practice, opening the debugger will reduce the speed.

Vertical wraparound is not implemented as this causes issues with the BLITZ game.


macOS High Sierra or later. Touch Bar support requires a compatible Mac model.


  • Swift8.zip(SHA-256: 15cca08b31dcf6b322dc64bb75d0974ed9f087cfec4a1bc1ca22e2271a0d1f76)